Sunnybrook Golf & Bowl

7191 E 17 Mile Road
Sterling Heights, MI 48313

Moonlight Doubles

  • Saturday night's - We will start back up in October, enjoy a great, safe summer 
  • Check-In starts at 9:30pm
  • Bowling begins at 10:00pm
  • $25.00 per couple
  • 1st & 2nd game mystery included
  • Option to bowl with one additional partner
  • Optional Jackpots
  • Men & Women’s Strike ball guaranteed to be at least $300.00 (Must have at least 24 Coupes)
  • Prize money paid out same night
    Rules & Guidelines:
  1. No one under 18 years of age, no YABA members, or PBA/LPBT champions will be allowed to bowl
  2. Knocking down 9 pins on your first ball will be considered a strike
  3. A couple consists of one male and one female for place money
  4. Same sex couples welcome to bowl but will not be eligible for place money, only optional jackpots
  5. Must use your highest USBC yearbook average dating back (2) seasons or, current league sheet, whichever is higher
  6. Non-league/Average bowlers must use a blind average: Women 140 and Men 170
  7. Management reserves the right to re-rate anyone participating in Moonlights
  8. Handicap will be figured at 80% from 215 for individuals and, 430 for couples (woman's + man's avg) scratch
  9. Sunnybrook staff must be called when an error in score occurs
  10. Only Sunnybrook staff can correct scoring errors
  11. Mystery is based on your actual score bowled not score bowled with handicap
  12. Anyone not following all rules & guidelines will be disqualified from prize money
  13. All bowlers are responsible for correctly writing down their jackpot scores
  14. Once last call is made and jackpots are paid out, the pots are closed
  15. All score sheets must be completely filled out and correct prior to turning in for place money
  16. Sunnybrook will not be responsible for any addition errors on score sheets

Optional jackpots:

Men and women's high game actual & handicap, men and women's high series actual & handicap, couples high game with handicap, couples actual high series, men and women’s strike ball, and strike it rich.

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