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Sunnybrook Fundraiser
Sunnybrook Golf Bowl Motel has been and continues to be the industry leader of southeast Michigan in hosting bowling and golf fundraising events. For the past several years Sunnybrook has helped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for all types of charitable organizations.
Just a few of the Fundraisers we host every year:
  • Elementary, Jr. High & High School
  • Sports, Hockey, Baseball, Football, Basketball
  • Euchre Tournaments
  • Road Rally's
  • Tacom
  • Kidney Foundation
  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer Society
  • Fire Department - Burn Camp Victims
  • Girl and Boy Scouts of America
Use our convenient online Banquet Reservation Form to plan your fundraising event. You can customize your menu and even estimate costs. A friendly Sunnybrook event planner will respond to your online request as soon as possible. Of course you can always send us an email or give us a call at (586) 264-2700.

Our customers praise our professionalism, our strong commitment to customer service, and our dedication to charitable giving and fundraising. Here is what some of our customers have to say about Sunnybrook Golf Bowl Motel.


To Randy and all of the Staff at Sunnybrook Golf and Bowl,
A hardy “Thank You” to everyone at Sunnybrook Golf and Bowl for your outstanding performance during our first annual “Camp Michitanki Bowl-a-Thon.” The success of our event surpassed our wildest expectations and we are forever grateful to you and your entire organization for your efforts. Our event of February 27, 2004 hosted nearly 400 bowlers and provided dinner and beverages to well in excess of that number. Across the board, the entire evenings preparations and accommodations were handled professionally, timely and by an extremely courteous staff.
The proceeds from this event alone helped raise enough money to send approximately 30 transplant recipient children to summer camp. Our goal for 2004 is to raise enough funds to send 100 children to Camp Michitanki in August. You can see by these numbers how important the success of our event at Sunnybrook is to our efforts and your contributions have made our success possible. We all look forward to planning and holding our second annual “Camp Michitanki Bowl-a-Thon” at Sunnybrook next year.
The staff at the University of Michigan Pediatric Transplant Center, the volunteer parents group and all of the Michitanki Campers thank you for all of your hard work!
  Kim Potis
  Camp Michitanki Volunteer Parents Group

SUBJECT: Letter of Appreciation for Superior Bowl-a-Thon Support - August 20, 2004
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your whole staff for the superior support we received throughout all phases of our first Annual Bowl-a-Thon. The outstanding support we received made our jobs much easier and the event more fun and enjoyable for our participants.
John Casbar continually provided excellent guidance and support from our first planning meeting through the conclusion of our event. He provided me with beneficial fund raising ideas that increased our profits significantly. The great pricing and lane assignments optimized the experience for all our bowlers. The retractable bumpers enabled families and friends to bowl next to each other with their children, which made it more exciting for everyone. John also meticulously relayed our needs to your support staff, which made the evening fly by smoothly.
Alan Korolewicz and the rest of the staff provided excellent support throughout the entire evening. Alan ensured your staff fully understood our sequence of events and implemented enhancements to support us. He ensured a coordinated start, a catch-up plan for late arrivals, proper bumper lane activation, and finally set the lanes after game 2 to support our Mystery Game drawing.
Finally Randy and Cheryl, we greatly appreciate the magnificent support you provided to our organization. Your steadfast support came as no surprise since you have continually supported many other charity events during your tenure at Sunnybrook. We look forward to even a greater success during our Bowl-a-Thon II.
  Albert Justice
  Macomb Family Services

When I took over the Ford II High School bowling program a few years back, we had no money to run it. With High School Bowling being a “Club Sport” we had to raise the dollars necessary to bowl and practice ourselves!
This is when Sunnybrook’s proprietors Cheryl & Randy Shank offered to help and fund our program. This went on for two years until we were able to raise the funds ourselves (also with their help), through fund raising events at Sunnybrook’s center. Their support continues to this day in helping with our team’s success.
The entire staff is without a doubt, the most courteous and helpful people I’ve ever had the privilege of dealing with! If we have a question, it is answered immediately, if we run into a problem, it is dealt with quickly and professionally. What-ever we need, if it can be done, it is done without question, and with a smile.
I can ramble on and on and on about Sunnybrook’s commitment to their community and our school programs but, suffice it to say, there just are not enough words to express our thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Shank and their staff for all they have done to help make Ford II’s bowling program one of the best in it’s class. We look forward to our relationship continuing for many more years to come.
A sincere thank you from all of us!
  Bob Soloman
  Ford II High School
  Bowling Coach